• Soft Washing

  • " UNSIGHTLY RED-GREEN-BROWN-BLACK fungi,mould,algae,Lichen or growth on your home, property or business.
    J.Kelly Decor Soft Wash services can get your home looking like new again.
    Our Soft Washing system is a low pressure Eco friendly way to clean all your exterior surfaces contaminated with moss, algae and lichens without the risk of damage caused by power washing.
    What is Soft Washing?
    Soft wash cleaning is a highly effective Eco Friendly process for cleaning exterior surfaces such as K Rend, Roofs, Pebble Dash, Dry Dash, Concrete, Brick, Decking and much more without causing any damage to any surface unlike aggressive power washing. 
    POWER WASHING can cause irreparable damage to your roof, slates, render or any surface, Soft Washing is the only safe and professional way to clean all hard surfaces. 
    J.Kelly Decor are registered Benz Soft wash contractor/applicators.customers will be glad to know that the products we use are approved by the Irish and UK governments – and is fully compliant with all REACH, PCD and HSE regulations. 
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